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Our Mission.
We are movement specialists.

To reduce the risk of injury and maximize sports performance by optimizing mechanics and individualized conditioning.

We are dedicated to maximizing athletic performance and the education of practitioners, coaches, trainers, and athletes to improve and optimize athletic performance and reduce injury potential by maximizing neuromuscular control and movement essential to sports.

Performance training must be unique to the sport, the position, and the individual.  This is our central philosophy

Optimal, precise movement is necessary to perform at one’s best.  When movement is not optimal, performance suffers, or worse, injury occurs.  We focus on mastery of movement, developing precise, quality movement patterns, and teaching the skills necessary to make these movements powerful and automatic.

We strive for more than strength and flexibility.  We seek to develop ideal movement patterns to be faster and more explosive, with greater endurance, health, and longevity. These are the foundations of success in sports.

  • We use cameras capturing high-speed or super-slow motion from multiple angles for biomechanical movement analysis.

  • What is movement analysis?

    • Movement analysis is the process of evaluating an athlete’s pattern of movement, and mechanics, identifying strengths, and assessing for limitations or impairments. 

  • Movement analysis is used clinically as part of the evaluation process to identify impairments in an individual’s movement pattern.  

  • Movement impairments are of primary focus in rehabilitation.  Correcting movement impairments by improving strength, flexibility, precision, or coordination is the goal of rehabilitative treatment.  These movement impairments are key contributors to poor performance and injury.  

  • Using movement analysis to correct movement impairments can improve performance through more efficient, precise movement.

  •  We assess fundamental movement strategies to identify opportunities to excel.  Breathing and posture are fundamental components of sports performance and predict movement patterns.  

  • We develop a solid foundation by optimizing respiration and posture throughout the movement, developing precise movement patterns.

  • Faulty Movement Patterns are caused by muscle imbalances, strength, flexibility, and joint mobility deficits that contribute to poor performance and injury due to alterations in movement patterns.

  • Movement is dynamic. We evaluate dynamic movement by observing the entire movement system, observing how different chains interact and impact one another to develop premiere athletes.

  • Because each sport and position requires specific skills, assessment is customized to the individual to optimize movement strategies before performance suffers or injury occurs.

Our Process.
Our Approach.

Elite training begins with a comprehensive baseline interview and evaluation to develop performance goals and identify muscle imbalances, impaired strength, flexibility, and joint mobility that cause performance to suffer and worse, injury.


You are only as strong as your weakest link.  The human body is interconnected by muscles and tendons, bones and ligaments known as kinetic chains. Faults in one link make the entire chain weaker.

We evaluate dynamic movement by observing the entire movement system, not just individual joints and muscles.  Observing relationships between muscle chains, we impact one another to develop premiere athletes.


Performance training must be specific to the individual, not just the sport or position.  This is central to our philosophy.  Every sport and position requires unique skills to perform.  We consider this as we customize evaluation and training.  We go beyond sport-specific training, considering the sport and position, then tailoring training to each individual to maximize gains and minimize time lost due to injury.  


See our new video running analysis services available online.

Virtual performance assessment

Improve your running speed, power, and efficiency.  Reduce the risk of injury.

The Virtual Performance Assessment includes a detailed, live examination evaluating posture and a detailed movement examination to develop a detailed training plan to maximize performance.

Virtual rehabilitation Examination

Virtual Consultation with a Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy.  
Set your run free by identifying and addressing problematic, pain-generating issues that have limited your running performance.  

**Please note, due to state and national practice laws, only accessible within the State of California.**

Contact us below to schedule  virtual performance and rehabilitation sessions


Movement Examination
Individual and Team Screening
Biomechanical Video Analysis

Our understanding of organic, precise human movement enables us to perform a comprehensive, hands-on assessment, going beyond sport-specific movements to optimal movement patterns for every individual.

The rate of injury in sports is steadily climbing.  Using advance clinical tests and measures we identify faulty movement patterns that limit performance and lead to injury.

Online Consultations: For quick review of performance mechanics.  Capture video from 2 or more angles for comprehensive biomechanical assessment to help optimize performance and reduce injury.

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