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Building on the clinical movement exam and detailed video analysis, we now offer one-on-one tailored training for performance and injury prevention.

After the clinical examination and video analysis with your goals in mind, we will design a customized conditioning program made uniquely for you.

We now offer one-on-one consultation for off-season and in-season training and conditioning.  Designed to optimize the way you move, train and perform.

Using the most (current evidence-based research and clinical experience) to maximize performance.

Everyone is different, with different skills and needs, we keep these in mind as we design and lead you through drills.  Often training includes exercises and activities that are generalized, even obsolete.  We tailor our conditioning programs to every individual to optimize your practice and training time, making your workouts more efficient, (meaning) you will accomplish more in a shorter period of time.

Training and conditioning should be specific

to the sport and the individual athlete

We use our years of advanced training and experience to shape the way we develop athletes.  Advanced clinical assessment and video movement analysis are used to design a training program unique to each individual.

While many focus on training existing strengths, we focus on areas that will yield the greatest improvement, giving players the tools they need to succeed.

Key findings from the clinic assessment and video movement analysis are provided along with a detailed training regimen, specific to in-season maintenance and performance training or off-season conditioning.

Our training is more efficient!  Instead of running through countless drills, our tailored training programs cut the waste and focus on the skills and exercises to provide the greatest gains in the shortest time possible.


Our team is available on a limited basis for private, in-person and virtual consultations offering services for rehabilitation and performance optimization.

  • Virtual Consultations:

    • Out of town or unavailable during office hours?  Virtual Consultations offer the flexibility of a comprehensive assessment from anywhere internet access is available.

  • In-Person Rehabilitative Consultations: include a  detailed history, and comprehensive examination with customized treatment and training recommendations to optimize recovery.

  • In-Person Performance Optimization Consultations include a thorough examination and a customized training program.  

Subsequent visits may be scheduled as needed.

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