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Our Services

Virtual Performance Assessment

Improve your running speed, power, and efficiency. Reduce the risk of injury. The Virtual Performance Assessment includes a detailed, live examination evaluating posture and a detailed movement examination to develop a detailed training plan to maximize performance.

Virtual Rehabilitation Consultation

Virtual Physical Therapy Consultation with a Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. Identify and address problematic, pain-generating issues that have limited your performance

In-Person Services

Contact us for in-person consultations, including running analysis, performance assessment and training, or physical therapy rehabilitation.

Clinical Consulting

Looking to take your clinic to the next level? Contact us to explore clinical practice and workflow optimization options.


Looking for long-term support for yourself, your team, or your organization? Contact us to explore further.

  • We apply expert clinical and research experience to athletic movement analysis.  We look at the entire athlete in the context of their sport, their position, and attributes unique to the individual.

  • We systematically evaluate each individual and carefully assess each part of the kinetic chain to identify risk areas and opportunities to improve performance.

  • We provide video analysis using slow-motion video from multiple angles for side-by-side comparison.  We then perform a detailed clinical exam, identifying muscle imbalances or deficits in muscle length, strength, or joint mobility.  We then correlated these findings with the video analysis to provide detailed, precise information about your mechanics to provide the most comprehensive performance training available.


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